If there’s one thing Hugh Platt loves doing, it’s shit-stirring. This whole Black Sabbath/Bill Ward situation has seen him dig out a very large spoon.

Black Sabbath Bill Ward Is Out promo photo Thrash Hits

By now you’ve no doubt have heard that Bill Ward is – at the time of writing at least – no longer going to be taking part in either the recording of the new Black Sabbath album or the corresponding world tour. This situation all kicked off on Thursday, when Bill Ward published a statement, detailing why he might be forced to sit out the Black Sabbath reunion. The three other members of Black Sabbath then seemingly decided to take matters into their own hands and publicly announce they were moving on without Ward.

But what’s really going on? Let’s look between the lines, shall we? You might want to get a cup of tea on the go before I start off though – this is gonna be a long one….

Click here to read the ugly truth about the Bill Ward/Black Sabbath split.

2 years ago
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